How a pregnancy kit left by his ex-girlfriend saves this man’s life

By | April 15, 2016

Back  in 2012, a Reddit user with the screen name ‘CappnPoopdeck’ posted a humorous rage comic to that site, one that detailed the experiences of a male friend who had jokingly taken a pregnancy test left in his medicine cabinet by an ex-girlfriend and surprisingly obtained a positive result: 

Although the post was intended as nothing more than a joke, the responses on Reddit soon took a serious turn, with CappnPoopdeck being advised, “If this is true, you should check yourself for testicular cancer. Seriously. Google it.”

In fact, it turned out that pregnancy tests will record a positive result upon the detection of the hormone – human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which is produced not only by pregnant women but also by some men with rare form of testicular tumors. CappnPoopdeck posted a follow-up comic informing Redditors that her friend had visited a doctor and found a small tumor in his right testicle (caught early enough to be treated immediately), and she thanked them for their helpful advice:

So is it worth running out to buy a pregnancy test to check for testicular cancer? Probably not. This particular form of cancer makes up less than 1% of all testicular cancer diagnoses, which is itself a relatively rare form of cancer.

Note: As the American Cancer Society has noted, although a home pregnancy test may be able to detect some forms of testicular cancer, this should not be taken to mean that such tests are a reliable method of detecting that disease.


With inputs from Reddit and Forbes

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