What are benefits of sex therapy?

By | May 12, 2016

Sex therapy is suggested for couples who

  • go through phases where they don’t have time or energy for regular sex
  • have an unconsummated marriage (unable to have sex for 6 months after marriage)
  • who have lost intimacy that was previously present
  • want to have better sex from your partners, but there are some difficulties
  • sexual problems are preventing you from starting a family
  • if you are lacking sexual confidence, low libido, have problems like tiredness, stress
  • like to rediscover their love life and improve physical intimacy

To sum up, sex therapy is for the young and healthy couple whose problem is primarily due to psychological factors.

What happens in Sex therapy?

Sex therapy is like any other kind of psychological counselling. It involves a well trained and experienced sexologist/psychologist and the couple. It involves you, as couple to talk more about sex. Your doctor will help you to solve your emotional issues that might cause sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction, low interest in sex.

Nothing sexual in nature will happen at your doctor’s clinic. Your doctor may offer some ideas for things that you can try at home. This homework is called sensate focus exercises. These exercises are not designed to initially lead to erection or intercourse. Over time they help break down psychological barriers to sustained erections and lead to the couple returning to normal sexual activity. These exercises will help your body to respond to sensual stimulation.

It is advisable to go to the therapy as a couple. This is will help your doctor to evaluate if your problem is physical, psychological or both.

Under no circumstances should you have to take your clothes off in a sex therapist’s clinic. If this should never, ever occur, and if you are asked to do so, leave immediately.

Sex is fun. Sex therapy helps you to enjoy sex again and bring back the passion and playfulness that sexual health problems often take away. Everyone has right to have a happy sex life. Happiness never ends.