Lesser known facts about dry orgasm

By | May 20, 2016

Male orgasms are thought to be defined by ejaculation, so it is quite surprising to think of having one without anything coming out. This is what a dry orgasm is—orgasm without ejaculation, although they feel exactly the same as wet orgasms.

What could cause it

  • A situation that commonly arises is when a man has more than one orgasm successively close together, he can experience a dry orgasm as the semen couldn’t replenish in the short period of time.
  • Psychological stimulation without genital stimulation may produce dry orgasms.
  • Another very common cause seen in men of middle age is Surgery to remove prostate (radical prostectomy), due to enlargement in middle age or suspected cancer. Also surgery to remove bladder(cystectomy).
  • Prostate surgery could lead to what is called retrograde ejaculation. When the semen instead of flowing out the penis (via urethra) like it should, flows in the opposite direction into the bladder which the person may later pee out.
  • If you are on certain medications for high blood pressure, mental/mood disorders they could lead to this but its reversible with a change in the drug regime for which you can consult your doctor.
  • Nerve damage can cause dysfunction of ejaculation and can occur in diseases like diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Also spinal cord injuries after major trauma can lead to this.
  • Congenital problems like hypogonadism, where testis is not fully developed and cause low testosterone levels. Also congenital blockage in the sperm duct can obstruct semen from coming out. These conditions lead to chronic dry orgasms and need to be treated as can lead to other problems

Is it harmful?

Dry orgasms are not really damaging to your health and cause no problem unless you plan to father children. In such cases, if the cause is not treatable artificial insemination i.e. extraction of sperms by your doctor and then transferring them into your partner could be an option.

Mostly the issue may be psychological where patient may want treatment as he feels that the orgasms are not intense or long enough as with ejaculation. Though the risk-benefit of treatment has to be considered which depends on cause.

One thought on “Lesser known facts about dry orgasm

  1. Arnold Thomas

    Very nicely written! This is one topic about which people generally do not have much information and for some reason we do not seek too many answers around it. If you’re having dry orgasms, don’t let it impact your self-confidence. It is natural and can happen to anyone. Continue intercourse without thinking too much about it. It should not be a problem unless you’re planning on a baby. This too can be managed with proper medication.