Sex during pregnancy

By | June 8, 2016

Pregnancy and childbirth is a beautiful journey both for the mom and dad, but the miracle of birth sure takes its sweet time!  With the whole 9 months devoted to nothing but the baby, does the couple leave other mundane things behind? What about sex? Do couple find that it’s okay with being celibate and have sex during pregnancy?

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But being sexually active in pregnancy is a matter of personal choice and while some women may detest sex due to nausea, fatigue and weight gain whereas others are hormonal charged, they can’t keep their hands off their partner. Even men are split in opinion of whether or not they find being intimate at this time sexy or scary.

Safety of sex during pregnancy

But the question more important that desire for sex is of its safety. The apprehension is totally understandable; every guy is afraid to hurt the baby or their partner.

Having sex is totally safe in a normal and uncomplicated pregnancy. The baby is floating in a cocoon of liquid or the amniotic fluid and covered over by the thick muscular uterus. No matter how hard you are at it, there is no way you can hurt the baby during sex.

Important concerns

Women are most comfortable for sex in the second trimester, when the nausea of first trimester has passed, and she is not as hugely pregnant and tired as she will be in third trimester. Also the genitals are engorged at this time making it especially pleasurable.

Although the last trimester sex as such cannot induce labour, but orgasm can release chemicals that can cause contractions theoretically but haven’t been found practically significant. Your body cannot go into labor till your baby is ready.

Things to take care about

Even-though it is safe, maintaining caution is still necessary.

  • As the pregnancy progresses, lying on the back and traditional missionary position gets exceedingly uncomfortable for the woman as the growing baby presses on important structures inside. Try spooning her from behind with her on her side, or other positions mutually comfortable.
  • Condoms may seem useless as the woman is already pregnant, but any infection in pregnancy has devastating consequences. Wearing a condom for protection is imperative.
  • If your partner has active or recently diagnosed STD, do NOT have any form of sexual contact.
  • Avoid blowing into vagina during oral sex as it could cause life threatening complications by dislodging a air bubble in uterine vessels.
  • Anal sex is generally not advised as if followed by vaginal penetration, it is basically transmitting bacteria of anal canal into the vagina that could be very harmful to pregnancy.

When to avoid sex during pregnancy?

As I mentioned before, sex is safe in all “normal, healthy pregnancies” but there are certain risk factors, if you have any of them your doctor might recommend avoiding sex

  • You have unexplained vaginal bleeding or discharge
  • Fluid leak (could be amniotic fluid), occurs if a whole develops in membrane can leak amniotic fluid.
  • You have faced premature labor in previous pregnancy.
  • Your doctor finds that your placenta partly or completely covers your cervical opening (placenta Previa) as sex can cause excessive bleeding in such a situation.
  • If your cervix is not strong enough and there is a risk that it may not be able to hold the pregnancy safely(incompetent cervix)
  • You’re carrying multiples

After delivery too, be careful before climbing aboard the horse. Wait for at least till 6 weeks before the vagina and cervix have time to heal and you are totally comfortable before trying.

Having sex is not the only way to be intimate. Try to connect as much as you can emotionally in this very demanding time, it’s more sexy you will see. And don’t forget those warm loving cuddles!

You can view the preferred sex positions for sex during pregnancy here.