Running is sexy

By | August 23, 2016

Many of us are geared up with our running shoes, energy bars and loads of water for the upcoming marathon. One may read a ton of articles on benefits about running or taking part in a marathon. As a sexologist, I have some information on how running can improve your performance in bed.

Increase endurance:

Running increases lung and heart capacity, leading to better endurance. Sex uses muscles that you don’t normally use for other activities. You and your partner will enjoy more if your bodies are prepped for better performance. Running helps build up the core and strengthen muscles that come into play during sex including muscles in the lower back.

                                                       Enhance performance time on bed

Improves arousal: 

Running improves circulation which in turn leads to better sex as arousal involves increased blood flow to the genital area.

Ease of menopause: 

Running reduce the severity and frequency of hot flashes experienced by women going through menopause.

Improvement in semen quality

Men who are physically active have a higher sperm count than inactive men.


Improves flexibility 

Stretching is important for all exercises including running. Stretching the right way helps prevent cramps, injury and improves flexibility which can make your love life interesting.

Reduces risk of erectile dysfunction (ED)

One of the biggest boost of exercise for men is that it reduces risk of ED. Running improves blood flow and increase blood flow to the manhood. Regular runners a very low risk for ED.

Increases sex appeal

Running as a team with your partner will increase your attraction towards each other. As you get fit together you will like the improvements you are seeing in each other.

Improves libido:

Low libido is one of the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). A common condition as men age is an enlarged prostrate mainly in the form of BPH. Physically active men have fewer symptoms BPH as compared to the physically inactive men.


Increases confidence

People who have successfully lost weight consider themselves more sexually attractive after the weight loss. Having a toned well shaped body increases sexual confidence and makes one feel sexier.

increase confidence

 Running tones up your body and increases confidence

Running is sexy. It is time to lace up and hit the road. Remember, running few minutes a day can keep the doctor way.