Menstural Cups

By | October 14, 2016

Menstrual Taboos

A fading myth Menstrual period is something the Indian women were whispering in private till recently. With the arrival of menstrual cups, they’ve begun prioritizing self hygiene. It is because the menstrual cups can make them cool and afflatus, with almost all the freedom men enjoy.

Latest surveys reveal that women are no more the victims of taboos, and no more are their body impure.

What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a bell like flexible medical grade silicone device that collects the menstrual fluid during periods. Most menstrual cups are colorless and translucent, while the others are colored ones.

Menstrual cups

How it works?

Menstrual cup does not absorb the menstrual flow like the tampons and pads do. When you insert the cup in the vagina, the menstrual fluid will flow straight into these cups, which hold it for 4 to 12 hours at a stretch, depending upon the fluid flow density.

When filled, you can remove it gently by nipping the base sides to slide out the cup easily. You can then empty the content into the toilet and wash it for further use. Sterilizing the cup after every wash will make it completely safe.

Though the translucent menstrual cup may change its color in the long run, it can be slightly overcome by soaking it in diluted hydrogen peroxide and then drying it in the sun for a few hours.

Firmer cups are more consistent, and forms a greater seal against the vaginal wall, preventing leaks. However, the softer ones are the women’s darlings, being comfortable.

You can use a cup throughout your menstrual cycle, but when there is excess flow, you have to change and clean it at intervals.

How to use a menstrual cup?

Spread your knees, sitting comfortably and privately on a toilet seat, or in squatting, ensuring maximum access and visibility. Press the sides of the cup and fold it in a “U” shape, as shown below.

Then separate your labia with a finger and insert the curved edge inside the vagina horizontally.

Grip the cup’s base and turn it to 360 degrees to confirm that it rotates easily and open towards your tail bone.The following drawing will help you to do it easily.

After insertion in the vagina the cup will sit there as shown below.

To remove it, pull the stem of the cup gently, until you get the cup’s base. Pinch the base to loosen the cup’s seal and pull it down. Empty the contents into the toilet, and wash it with soap and water, and reinsert, if required. Mostly, you need emptying it only in the morning and evening.


  1. Enhances your body feel
  2. Easy and convenient
  3. Cost effective, produces no waste
  4. Free from chemicals, ecologically friendly
  5. No embarrassing odors
  6. Long interval between changes
  7. No harming of the vaginal PH and protective bacteria
  8. Reduce drug store trips
  9. Intercourse is no problem, with the cup in tact
  10. No fear of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) mortality

Where to buy?

Different types of menstrual cups are available on the market of menstrual cups in India, but the most sought after cup is the Diva Cup.

It comes in 2 sizes, one for the younger women who have not delivered children, and the other for the older women who are mothers. These cups provide the best feminine comfort, and can be easily placed inside the vagina. Diva cup is economically sound, considering its longevity, and convenience.


The cost of standard menstrual cups ranges from Indian Rupees 500 to 900, whereas Diva cups cost 6,491 to 11,225.

Most of the menstrual cups are available for purchase from Snapdeal, eBay India, Amazon India, and other online stores, to be delivered at your home. You can also find your brand in the local medical shops.