What if Viagra does not work – Guide for Diabetics

By | October 21, 2016

Sex is the vital heartbeat that cements marital relations. Diabetes, the silent killer, wrecks sexual life in over 50% of people. Unfortunately, taboo about speaking and seeking help for sexual well being leaves sexual dysfunction unaddressed in over 90% of people with diabetes in the developing countries like India.

This article helps end the silent suffering of people with diabetes. This evidence based medical information can usher miracle in your personal life.


Medical Solution to erection problem for people with diabetes

The miracle pill

Advent of Sildenafil citrate in 1998 created a landmark revolution in the history of medical science.

It empowered doctor’s with powerful tool to treat erectile dysfunction. Viagra, now a legend, is known to most educated men. Tonight over 10 million people in the world will be swallowing the blue pill for conjugal bliss. Safety of Viagra has been established with over a decade’s experience of our use of Viagra for treatment of people with diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart disease, depression and other organic causes of Erectile Dysfunction. Sildenafil citrate when prescribed by a medical professional is remarkably safe.

Side effects

Common side effects of Sildenafil are headache and acidity. Priapism, or prolonged erection that damages penile tissue is a rare side effect often seen in people who self medicate. Sudden hearing loss has been rarely reported as an adverse effect.

When you should not take Sildenafil or any other Oral Medicine?

If you are taking medicines that contain nitrates, like isosorbide dinitrate (Brand name: Sorbitrate) you should not take any PGE 5 inhibitor medicines, which includes Sildenafil and all its siblings.

Isosorbide dinitrate is that medicine, which is typically asked to be kept under the tongue in the event of chest pain for people with angina.

The weekend pill

Tadalafil is a sister of Sildenafil.

What are the advantages of Tadalafil over Sildenafil?

Tadalafil and its sisters have the same side effects as Sildenafil. Unlike Sildenafil whose therapeutic effect lasts for few hours, Tadalafil’s  effect lasts for 36 hours, hence it came to be known as ‘The Weekend Pill’. Unlike Sildenafil it can be taken daily.

It is also useful for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. The other less known siblings of Sildenafil are Vardenafil, Udenafil and Avanafil.

What if Viagra does not work?

What next when Viagra type of medicines do not work?

This challenge is addressed by other methods of treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. M.U.S.E. is Medicated Urethral System for Erection. In simple terms it is a medical pill that is inserted in the urinary opening to treat erectile dysfunction.

Injections in the penis

Intrapenile injections of vasoactive drugs like phentolamine, papaverine, alprostadil have been in the medical arsenal of the doctor even before the advent of Sildenafil

Treatment without medicines

Is there a treatment that does not use medicines?

Vacuum Device is an established treatment of Erectile Dysfunction that mechanically creates suction pressure and causes erection in the penis.

When all treatment methods of Erectile Dysfunction fail?

  • Penile prosthesis

Refined body friendly penile prosthesis are inserted in the penis. These penile implants have the highest rate of efficacy compared to all other surgical implants, like artificial heart valve.

With oral pills like Sildenafil and its siblings Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Udenafil and Avanafil medical health care professionals are transforming lives of millions over the globe.

Additional treatment methods, the Vacuum Device, M.U.S.E, Intra penile injections and Penile prosthesis have given unusual power to the treating physician.

You did not tell us about Ayurveda, Yoga, Alternative Home Remedies?

What about Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Natural Home Remedies, Herbal treatment, Yoga and Stretching Devices?

Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Home remedies, Herbal treatment have a role in the treatment of Situational Erectile Dysfunctions.

There is no scientific evidence that Arginine, Ginseng and other alternative treatment work in case of Erectile Dysfunctions that result due to Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension and Cardiovascular disease.

The ayurvedic pills, potions and oils, touted as treatment without side effects, have a huge market as they are brazenly sold to ignorant people who are desperate for a hard on. Many people fall prey to potions sold by Babas and Bappus and to money back guarantee offers over internet.

Take home message for people with ED due to Diabetes

Today erection problems due to Diabetes mellitus are eminently treatable with properly chosen medicine. Self medication can be hazardous. Consult a specialist.