How to Have Multiple Orgasms?

By | October 28, 2016

One cannot get enough of something that is too good to have, this applies to the things that happen inside our bedroom as well. This is why we have come up with this article which talks about how you can achieve good, as well as multiple orgasms, in a single session.

It is a common fact that a woman has the ability to orgasm multiple times. This makes it crystal clear that once you reach the initial peak, jumping to the next one is easily possible. Now, you can confidently oppose the mantra of ‘one and done’ with just a little effort. This is because women have the ability to stay aroused for more time than men, because of the absence of a refractory period.

Yes, some women are easily satisfied, and call it a night after just one full body sensation. But, having an option is always better in order to have the hot sex life. So for the times you have a desire for more than one, simply adhere to the following tips and double up your joy:

  • Don’t be single minded

    You have to keep your body-mind connection intact for plural peaking. You will only mentally prepare your body to limit your pleasure response if you go into the intercourse with limited, or no expectations of an orgasm.
    As per doctors, you should stay sexually and mentally active for further arousal after you have peaked for the first time. It’s all about being aware that your body is built and is absolutely capable to have frequent, longer, and deeper orgasms.
    But the only thing to note here is that it takes a little planning and effort to attain multiple orgasms. So, if you don’t have the time, or the circumstances to enjoy it, you shouldn’t put an effort in it.

  • Step up the sex-exercises:

    This means that you should keep up with your ‘down-there’ workout by keeping your PC muscles i.e. pubococcygeus muscles strong. They have been seen to be the most crucial component in having multiple orgasms.
    These muscles are the ones that edge your vaginal canal, and thus, help to hold back your urine.
    What happens during orgasm is the forceful contraction of your pelvic muscles and your PC, which further increases the flow of blood to that area by strengthening them. This is how you experience a repeated series of contractions and deep sensations of pleasure.
    So the drill is to flex your PC muscles until you feel they are tight, then release and tighten again. This has to be repeated the same way for strong PC muscles.

    You can also resort to pelvic connecting crunch for more effectiveness as it makes use of inner thighs and abdominal, making the PC muscles work harder.

  • Max out foreplay

    When you are in the moment with the right mind-set and naked bodies, you should chuck the main thing out for your first peak. What you ought to do first is work south. This is because for majority of women, oral sex is the best and the easiest way to reach climax. And if your partner can help you reach there before sex, it is more likely for you to come again by responding to the vaginal stimulation during the intercourse, rather than struggling to reach the peak for the first time itself. Even if you fail to come during the initial foreplay, don’t put yourself on fast forward, the pampering can still work to achieve multiple orgasms. The reason behind this is that according to doctors, you stay aroused for a longer time if you get aroused slowly, and tongue is the most perfect tool because of its soft and flexible nature.
    Oral sex prepares the body to expect peak sensations one after the other, this helps in paving the way for multiple orgasms.

  • Take some time out

    Most women have a habit of taking a time out after they come for the first time. They pull themselves away because of being sensitive to their partner’s touch. After orgasm, your blood-flow increases tremendously, and pathways of nerves are stimulated to a great extent, this makes it absolutely normal to take a short break immediately after an orgasm. Once you can happily resume, you can go for another round, that’s the end of it. So, if you would want to go for round two, give your genitals a break while your partner is caressing your breasts, sucking your fingers, or kissing you. Such stroking will help you keep your sensual energies intact, and will keep your nerves on high alert while your hypersensitive areas cool off for a bit.

  • Hit the hottest spot 

    Your G-spot is the spongy area behind the pubic bone that makes you want more. Not only is this zone pretty receptive to touch, it is also strong enough to handle a lot of sensation and stimulation. After the initial clitoral stimulation, one should move to stimulating your G-spot.

    According to a study, women experience multiple orgasms if several body parts are being stimulated at the same time.

This is because your body doesn’t know what you are going to surprise it with, and hence, responds to it in a better way.

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