Sex addiction: Are you addicted to sex, how to overcome?

By | January 5, 2017

Sex is omnipresent. In magazines, in books, on television, online and on all other forms of mass media – there is an ever growing possibility of developing a sexual desire. It becomes difficult to suppress or control.

What is sex addiction?

Sex Addiction is referred to as the condition when an individual develops intense desire to take part in a sexual act as much as possible. When a person develops an acute obsession for the activities such as fantasizing about sex for the major part of the day or risky sexual behaviour such as having sex in public places or promiscuity can indicate sex addiction.

To be more precise, an individual is said to develop sex addiction when there is an increased sex drive or an obsession with sexual acts.

This can lead to severely stressful problems revolving around social interactions, marital life or romantic relations of the sex addict. Just like any other addict such as an alcoholic, the sexual addict is also unable to control their vicious sexual behaviour that does a lot of self-harm.

What are the Symptoms of Sex Addiction?

Just like any other addiction or illness, it doesn’t take place overnight but progresses gradually with time. In the early stages, the signs are not that easy to decipher but eventually, the symptoms become more established. The following behaviours are noticeable in people who are addicted to sex:

  1. Excessive dating and multiple affairs while in a romantic relationship
  2. Extra-marital affairs
  3. Excessive one night stands
  4. Regular stimulation or masturbation
  5. Excessive cybersex
  6. Watching pornography on a consistent basis
  7. Making use of prostitute services excessively
  8. Sexually molesting or harassing others
  9. Engaging in voyeuristic activities

How to Overcome Sex Addiction?

When sex addiction starts interfering with their personal life or their loved ones start getting affected by this addiction, the sex addict looks for ways to stop the addiction.

Following steps can help you overcome sex addiction:

  1. Accept it: The first step to overcoming sex addiction is accepting that you have a problem. Sex addiction is a legit issue and you can only try seeking help when you admit you have a problem in controlling your sexual desires.
  2. Avoid triggers: You have to learn to avoid the situations or places that lead you to engage in any sexual activity excessively.
  3. Seek the help of counsellor: Once you make some changes in your lifestyle but still find it difficult to overcome the addiction, you can try seeking additional help from an instructor. A trained professional can better help you control the sexual desires.
  4. Medication: If your sex addiction serves just as a means to reduce anxiety or stress in life, medications can help you overcome your sex addiction.

How can you get help?

If this article has struck a particular chord that has increased your concerns, the chances are that you are addicted to sex. Now realizing you are dealing with an issue that you can’t solve on your own can be extremely upsetting. However, you can seek anonymous help and counselling sessions for your sex addiction issues from our broad spectrum of sexual health specialists here. Also, you can make use of CupidCare deaddiction packages and overcome sex addiction once and for all.