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By | January 31, 2017

Post related to premarital counseling and sexual fitness. #DontMarryAnonymous

Rahul, a 27 year old, IT professional in a MNC is getting married later this year. Everything is picture perfect from his to-be wife to his planned life post marriage. But, there is a doubt in his mind. He fears if he will be able to satisfy his wife sexually. He has heard about his friends failing at sex in during their first time. A distant relative of his has filed a divorce against her husband under the grounds of “impotency”.

To be honest, a good number of men fail to perform sex for the first time in their life. Newly married men might have trouble in entering his wife during first few days of marriage.

A common question in the minds of many men: Am I sexually fit?

To get answers one needs to spend time with a sexologist to understand about sexual health, marital life and hygiene. Premarital counselling will help in answering these questions.

Always get your sex potency tests, counselling from a qualified medical practitioner like a sexologist, andrologist, or urologist.

Ours is a love marriage, we know each other very well. Do we still need a counselling?

Even though, the couple know each other very well, premarital counselling is essential. This can help couples to establish a positive attitude about seeking help down the road. Remember, marriage is a long-term commitment and investing in counselling easily on has immense benefits in your love life.

I never engaged in premarital sex. Do I need premarital counselling?

The goal of premarital counseling is to identify and address any potential areas of conflict in a relationship early on: before those issues become serious concerns, and teach partners effective strategies for discussing and resolving conflict. This can better understand their expectations about marriage and address any significant differences in a safe and neutral environment.

How do I convince my partner to take premarital counselling

In some cases, one of our couples takes counseling and share the news with their partner. Premarital counselling is for both the partners. A few aspects are only for women and few are only for men. However, even if one of them can take premarital counselling. It is always advised if your partner attends along with you voluntarily.

What else is covered in premarital counselling?

Premarital counselling is where your doctor will provide you information about sexual health, answers all your questions relate to sex. 

Diagnostic tests: to evaluate your hormones, and check private parts for any abnormality. This includes a simple blood test, semen analysis (for men) and sonography of private parts (is done depending on the tests opted). The tests included are:

  • Test for general fitness of the body
  • Thalassemia status of the couples
  • Hormone assessment
  • For men
    • Blood supply and blood pumping system of the penis
    • Sonography of private parts
    • Nerve stimulation of penile region
    • Semen analysis

You can book for sex assessment tests through CupidCare. Do not to masturbate for three days before you take semen analysis test. You will receive consultation along with test results in premarital package. 

Wish you a Happy Married Life

Note: Sex fitness reports gives you an estimate of your sexual performance only.

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