Set for the wedding? 6 things you need to know about SEX!

By | March 3, 2017

Getting married is a milestone in one’s life. Time flies very fast especially if your marriage day is set. From shopping to wedding photo shoots, from inviting your friends to the late night romantic chats with your would be – everything is pretty exciting. With friends and family taking care of most of these arrangements, it’s time for you to know about those intimate answers to keep your married life happier, healthier and sexier.

Talk with each other

Most men assume that they know “a lot” about sex, either from porn or talking about it with their friends. Women usually seek tips and advice from their married friends. But remember talking about sex is the most important way to understand each other’s needs. Communicate your inner desires and differences with your better half.

Expecting other partner to make a move often creates confusion and lead to disappointment – keep an open mind. 

Seek advice from an expert

It’s ok if you don’t know A to Z of sex. Each one of us have questions pertinent to sexual health but are hesitant to clarify with our friends and family. Consult pre-marital counselors and they will  be more than happy to clarify your concerns. If both the partners aren’t comfortable consulting together you may consult individually. They can help you out on How to initiate..? What is normal..? Is it ok to..? Can I..? What if..?

Get tested

Marriage means the start of a new family and if you’re not sure about your medical background, you can endanger your child’s life. Get tested for STDs, HIV/AIDS, Fertility and other health abnormalities.  Know more about  premarital check-ups & STD tests. While in a love marriage, this might test the bond of the couple, in an arranged marriage, it may lead to blame games between the partners and families.

However, getting clean medical reports sets your mind at peace and helps build trust.

 Speak to your Gynecologist

We recommend you to spend good time with a gynecologist. Write down all the concerns that come to your mind right from Sex, Periods, Pregnancy, Contraception. Get educated about various contraceptive options and side effects. Chat with our Gynecologists online

Tame your irregular menstrual cycle

Irregular menstrual cycle is a matter of worry these days. Almost half of the women have an irregular cycle. But, for a bride-to-be may need to keep her cycle regular for a happy wedding and honeymoon celebration.

Take an advice from gynecologist at least 3 months before your wedding date. Most doctors prescribe you with medicines that will help you manage your periods without clashing your wedding day. This will free you from all the religious taboos linked with marriage and periods.

Hold on

Sex, like most things, takes time and practice. First night ‘can’ be messy and it’s definitely not as quirky as shown in movies.

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Last but not the least, the run up to the wedding is supposed to be fun. Don’t stress yourself out worrying about your wedding planning or preparation. If you are looking for a partner to help you with end to end wedding planning, we suggest you take a look at Fullonwedding. They connect you to service providers and also give you loads of advice and inspiration to make your dream wedding easy!

Enjoy your marriage, sex life and plan your pregnancy wisely


Happy Married Life!!!

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