Treating Erectile Dysfunction

By | March 7, 2017

Erectile dysfunction in simple terms means that you are not able to get or maintain an erection long or hard enough to have sex.

If such an incidence has happened to you once or twice, it does not necessarily mean that it is an ED. Mostly it can be chalked up to stress, exhaustion or too many drinks with dinner. It could also simply mean that you are not as much into having sex at that time. Such an event is situational and temporary.

But if such a problem is persistent, or occurs on many occasions it is said to be ED. It gets frequent with increasing age with maximum incidence among men aged over 50. However, erectile dysfunction seems to affect younger men, in their 20’s. Even unmarried men with sexual partners are likely to suffer from ED. There are many causes to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction – Cures

It can be due to physical problem or psychological. Basically, we should figure out what triggered the condition.

Do some simple changes

You may also have to change your lifestyle for better. Quit smoking, alcohol consumption and lose weight if you are on the verge of being heavy.


Stress is a major trigger to erectile dysfunction. It can be the chronic stress accumulated over weeks and months or some critical problems of your life may potentially damage the sexual relationship. Talk about your concerns, you will just be able to overcome the sexual anxiety.


Medicines you are taking for control of diabetes, depression can affect your sexual life. Antidepressants can be helpful in overcoming your performance anxiety. Take antidepressants only after consulting a doctor. Never try it on your own.

Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Problems

Anything that narrows the arteries to the penis, leads to reduced blood flow. This hampers erection.
Reasons can be high cholesterol forming plague in arteries.

ED at an early age can be an indicator of upcoming heart disease

However, ED doesn’t always indicate you suffer from heart problems. High blood pressure, stress, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, diabetes, obesity, hormonal problems, alcohol and many more reasons cause erectile dysfunction.

Check-ups for ED

If you get erection while masturbating, it is very unlikely to be physical cause. If ED is due to physical cause, then these tests can provide a detailed diagnosis to understand the underlying cause.

  • Blood test for diabetes, lipids and cholesterol(atherosclerosis), hormone levels (testosterone, FSH, LH, prolactin) and other tests to rule out any chronic illness
  • Penile Doppler to check for abnormalities in blood flow through penis
  • Blood pressure and urine test (optional)

Penile Implants, vacuum pumps and surgery

  1. Penile vacuum pump is used to pull blood into the penis before intercourse. It may cause bruising.
  2. Penile implants are surgically inserted to get an erection. Infection is a major risk associated with penile implants.
  3. When ED is caused by leaking vessels, blood vessel surgery is performed. It’s more effective.

In about 70% cases, ED is treated by medicines, whereas rest 25% need vacuum pump or penile implants. Surgery is done only as last resort for the remaining 5% of cases.

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