Important Things you should know about hymen and virginity

By | March 27, 2017

There are quite a few sensitive issues in the world that is surrounded by a lot of myths, stigmas and misbelief. Female virginity and hymen are the most divisive topics and often goes hand in hand. What is the role of hymen in defining the virginity?

Any woman who never had sexual intercourse (penis vaginal intercourse) with a man is tagged ‘virgin’. Forceful virginity test is an illegal activity. It is an emotional attack a woman’s honor, reputation and respect.

What is hymen?

Hymen is the part of vagina. It is a very thin tissue (like a mucous tissue) located inside the vaginal opening. Hymen surrounds or covers the vaginal opening. After puberty, girls produce reproductive hormones, which thicken the hymen. Hymen appears in different colors, shapes, forms and dimensions.

There are a few girls who born without hymen, but it is rare.

Hymen and Virginity

  • It is a long term belief that intact hymen indicate that she has not engaged in vaginal intercourse.
  • So, if the hymen appears like it is broken or torn, she is declared ‘not a virgin’ and attached with a stigma that she involved in sexual relation with a man.

Besides, it is a myth that only vaginal intercourse can broke or tears the hymen.

The truth is, hymen breaks under many circumstances. Sexual intercourse (penis-vaginal penetration) is one of the reasons that break the hymen.

  • Hymen can just break like anything without showing any symptoms.
  • Not all girls/women will bleed when hymen broke.
  • Pain experienced by women during the intercourse is not always due to breakage of hymen.
  • Bleeding does not mean it hymen is ruptured.

Causes of hymen rupture

Sexual intercourse for the first time

First time penetration of penis into the vagina may partially or fully destroy the hymen. This is the major reason behind some women experience some kind of discomfort, pain and bleeding during the intercourse. It will heal on its own and it is quite normal.

Strenuous activities

Any kind of strenuous activity can damage this thin membrane.

  • Riding bicycle
  • Climbing a fence, trekking, hiking or any such activity
  • Frequent involvement in sports/athletic activities

Introduction of medical instruments

Insertion of medical instruments like speculum or during gynecological examination may also rupture the hymen.

Accident and injury

Any accident or injury like falling astride or tripping while trying to climb

How to restore hymen

The following is completely information about medical procedures involved in hymen restoration. This does not

There are two ways to restore the damaged hymen.

  1. Hymen reconstruction surgery – Hymenoplasty

It is a straight forward surgical procedure where the hymenal remnants are reconstructed in the vaginal opening. The remnants of the broken hymen are stitched together.

It needs just a couple of stitches at either side. Just like any stitches, it will dissolve in a few days. The cost is around 20 – 45 thousand. Go to a qualified specialist only.

Hymenoplasty is performed as an outpatient therapy under local anesthesia. You would able to return to work the next day.

You may notice some minor blood loss during first 48-72 hours. Avoid strenuous activities like horse riding and sports for at least six weeks and then you can resume usual activities.

During sexual intercourse, the hymen will tear and it will cause bleeding.

  1. Artificial hymen

Artificial hymen is another procedure that literally releases fake blood during vaginal penetration. When penetrated, it oozes the blood like substance. It is a thin plastic insert and made from non-toxic material, which is completely safe to use.