10 Signs You Have Healthy Sex Life

By | February 27, 2017

You have a positive body image Dwelling on the size of your thighs or belly de focuses you from pleasurable sensations during sex. In turn, that can affect things like lubrication and the ability to have an orgasm. Exercise—regardless of weight loss—has been shown to boost self-esteem and body confidence. You’re not embarrassed to ask… Read More »

Everything you need to know about the SIZE

By | February 24, 2017

Penis size is a real fear. Most men are obsessed and worried about the size. Is it small or big? What is the ideal size to satisfy a woman? How can I increase the size? How to measure the size? What is length and girth? How small is too small? To answer these questions, first… Read More »

Abortion: Safe Methods, Costs, and What Law Says

By | February 22, 2017

Yes, you are a pregnant but not happy. You want to get aborted. Let me leave behind the lecture and debate about safe sex, I would like to give a guided approach to deal with abortion and its after affects. Firstly, talk to your partner if you feel so. But from medical and legal point… Read More »

STDs and HIV in LGBT

By | February 21, 2017

Homosexuality is always a topic that is sealed tightly in a lost container! Beyond the fear of opening up and the pressure from across different viewpoints, LBGT are one of the high risk groups to develop a myriad of health problems, from physical to social. Gay men are prone to high risk of sexually transmitted diseases… Read More »

Contraception for Men: Latest advancements

By | February 8, 2017

If a man wants to take pregnancy prevention into his own hands, his choice basically comes down to condoms, a vasectomy, withdrawal, or abstinence. That’s why it’s so amazing that scientists are finally developing some real advancements when it comes to male contraception. Conventional male contraception  Abstinence (doesn’t work well) Masturbation (before having sex- doesnt… Read More »

Ensuring normal periods while having PCOS

By | January 28, 2017

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder affecting 12-18% of women of reproductive age. PCOS is a condition where at least two of the following conditions occur: Appearance of acne, excessive hair on your body Infrequent, absent, and/or irregular menstrual periods The presence of 10 to 12 small cysts in the ovaries. You do… Read More »

Why should you shift to a menstrual Cup?

By | January 22, 2017

Why should you use a menstrual cup? In the last few years, the use of menstrual cups has increased manifold. Still, there are a lot of women who are oblivious to the magical hygienic powers of a menstrual cup. As you know, a menstrual cup is a reusable sanitary product. They are made from medical… Read More »

Sex addiction: Are you addicted to sex, how to overcome?

By | January 5, 2017

Sex is omnipresent. In magazines, in books, on television, online and on all other forms of mass media – there is an ever growing possibility of developing a sexual desire. It becomes difficult to suppress or control. What is sex addiction? Sex Addiction is referred to as the condition when an individual develops intense desire to… Read More »

Guide on infertility: Men and Women

By | December 31, 2016

This guide is for the people who are either considering or having a fertility treatment. Infertility affects almost 10% of the women and men of the reproductive age. Infertility is defined as a medical condition which hinders you from getting pregnant even after you have had sex regularly for six months or even an entire… Read More »